History of the Company
The Strayer Compan began its family tradition of service in 1927 when Kenneth E. Strayer began his plumbing trade.  Kenneth took a temporary leave from the business to serve his county in the U.S. Navy as a Chief Warrant Officer during World War II.  He worked on projects in France, Germany, and England.  After his return home, he used the experience he obtained from the war to grow and expand the business in 1945.

K.E. Strayer Company was the original name of the company.  It was a time in history where pride was celebrated in having the family name in the business.  This was and still is the seal of quality in every residential, commercial job by The Strayer Company.  In addition to the plumbing business, Kenneth’s wife Leona operated the Strayer Appliance Store in Bellefontaine, Ohio until 1955.

Keith Strayer, the current President of The Strayer Company started working the summer of 1972 and joined the company full time after graduation in 1975.  He was then put in a leadership role in 1981 and is still at the helm of the business today.

“I have always been raised with the thinking that you treat a person the way you want to be treated and give the best possible service, to the best of your ability, at a fair price.” – Keith Strayer, The Strayer Company.

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